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At BrightKids Education, I believe every child has the potential to excel. 

My mission is to provide personalised, holistic education support that addresses both academic and emotional needs. 

Empowering Every Child to Shine Bright

A qualified teacher and examiner, Claudine supports kids and young adults who need help with school refusal, school stress, dyslexia, essay writing, English writing, study skills and exam preparation.

Enabling children to feel more comfortable about learning , literacy and being able to tackle coursework and exams is her goal. Working with children with SEMH issues,  ADHD and ASD has equipped her to differentiate in a deeper level for all students she works with.

Raising confidence in teens who are nervous about school and exams, especially after COVID-19 is a serious focus now and it should be for you too.


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My Tutoring Services

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English/Literacy Tutoring 7+

Customized learning plans tailored to each student's unique needs and learning style.

I will guide your child through the world of phonics, phonological awareness, high-frequency words, reading, spelling and handwriting in as multi-sensory a way as I can.

I use a variety of methods in my practice, all designed to get the best from your child and increase confidence. 

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11+, 14+ GCSE preparation, 16+ Study Skills

Collaborative learning environments to build social skills and peer support.

At secondary and post 16 level, I can support students through both GCSE,  A Level, and foundation exams which are crucial to students’ academic development.   I support students through their English and Drama GCSE coursework whether that be long-term support or crash revision courses in the run-up to exams.

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Confidence Building

Guidance and support from an experienced mentor to foster personal, emotional and academic growth.

You are either a student who is starting your journey towards Higher Education, or you are navigating personal difficulties and need to stay on track while you are supported by someone who understands your journey.

I can help. Sometimes working 1:1 will build your confidence which will develop your career.  I can help you feel unstuck and get you prepared.



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"Thank you so much. He has developed dramatically since seeing you and has grown in confidence... We can't thank you enough."

~Claire Jacobs UK

"She is so much more confident now and loves coming to the sessions. She will be coming when she is at university!"

~Charlotte Marlowe UK

"Thank you for helping us. Your fun, humorous and informative sessions have given her the confidence to aim high and perfect her academic skills."

~Simone Clark UK

Featured Blog Posts

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Dyslexia is something which affects hundreds of thousands of people across the UK. Having dyslexia means that you find learning the traditional way more difficult than others. It can affect memory, spatial awareness, processing, organisational skills, spelling, reading and writing.

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The arts can have a profound impact on building confidence and encouraging collaboration and social skills. especially after coming out of a long lockdown, it's not just enough to expect kids to 'get back to normal' so quickly. They have essentially been roaming around their learning for a year now, with many vulnerable kids suffering at home. Adding the arts to the package for most of them will certainly help.

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It's tough, I know. During lockdown, I was teaching my own kids and other peoples. As a teacher, there was no respite but we did it because it's what we love. Helping others.