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WhoĀ am I?

I support students who need help with managing their school time, dealing with school refusal, dyslexia, essay writing, English writing skills, post-16 applications, study skills, and exam preparation.Ā I also specialise in supporting children with ADHD, Autism, and Trauma-related difficulties and am an SEN specialist; supporting learning, social skills, and transitions to College; currently working as a consultant and teacher supporting those at-risk of exclusion from the education system.

Learning should not be scary or daunting. It should be fun. Enabling children and young adults to feel more comfortable aboutĀ school and being able to tackleĀ attendance andĀ learning is her goal.

Common Problems:

  • Difficulty readingĀ spelling/handwriting
  • SEMH/At-Risk support
  • Lack of confidence in English/literacy
  • Struggling to keep up at school- School refusing
  • Dyslexia and Dyspraxia
  • Study Skills/Metacognition

Claudine has a background in UK and AU mainstream, private and Alternative provision settings.Ā  She studied at a drama school in London, then went on to complete her MA in English Literature and a PGCE in secondary teaching. She also has a PGCERT in performance teaching and pedagogy from Guildhall School in London. She is a registered teacher and has qualifications from the British Dyslexia Association, ELKLAN, Play Therapy International and TISUK. She is experienced in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention and CBT (PCBT) to support anxiety and SEMH issues that can start to affect everyday life and school.Ā 

She is an examiner for GCSE/A LEVEL AQA UK and LAMDA and has been teaching English and Drama for over 10 years and now specialises inĀ mentoringĀ individual studentsĀ to fulfill their potential in literacy, coursework and essay skills giving them confidence and bravery to face school, exams and life.

How I got here

I have spent a long time studying, learning and reading. I have worked with children for a long time now as a teacher and tutor and my primary focus is on raising confidence, either in their studies, life in general or themselves.

I remember my Dad saying that all children need to be looked after properly; so it has become a natural path for me to use this as my compass to make sure that everything I do serves this goal.

Raising confidence in kids through teaching, social skills or therapy is my aim. It’s our duty as parents, teachers, and adults to protect them in every area we can.

Why I do it

For these two.

I discovered early on as a teacher and a mother that one of my kids had Dyslexia. I set myself a challenge to learn everything there is about it and start to incorporate this into my everyday teaching and parenting. I notice the difference when I make more effort. Which, believe me, I know is hard!

I truly believe that every child needs a good start and all teachers should be preparing kids in this way, but with the government not able to give teachers and schools enough time to do this, it's near impossible to support everyone in the way that they need.

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